About Matt

Hello everyone, my name is Matt Schultz and I am the owner and operator of Bluewater Taxidermy. I was fortunate that at a very young age my father allowed me to tag along with him on his fishing and hunting trips/days afield . That lead to my love/obsession with all things outdoors. I became very interested in taxidermy at a young age and collected lots of "mini trophies" such as grouse tails, rabbit skulls etc. As an avid adult outdoorsman I started to do bigger taxidermy projects such as antler mounts, euro mounts and turkey tail mounts. I learned to do these mounts from taxidermy manuals and instructional VHS tapes. In the winter of 2006 I decided that I wanted to learn from a professional, so I contacted Jeff Brain in Orilla, Ontario to arrange for one on one training. Jeff is a talented taxidermist and has won many awards. The training was very expensive but well worth it because when people saw the mounts that I was now capable of producing Bluewater Taxidermy was born. In November of 2006 business had picked up so rapidly that I decided to pursue taxidermy full-time.

I have a great respect for all animals and as a dedicated angler and hunter myself I keenly know the value of your trophies. I treat every mount as though it were my own and I enjoy seeing the happy expressions on my clients faces when they pick up their finished mounts. I look forward to meeting you and hope that I can help you to preserve your hunting and fishing memories.